Company Info

Since 2010, we are selling knives in US market. Initially we were supplying the orders of customized manufacturing to the retailers of various trade shows across the country. While serving these customers, we had upgraded our skills of knives manufacturing and learned the needs of North American outdoors-men and knife enthusiasts. Later, Me Blades was established in 2014 to offer performance grade semi-custom knives and tools at affordable prices.


Me Blades stands behind every knife that comes off its production line. Our knives are crafted to bring about quality that meets industry standards and most importantly, our customer’s expectations. Practicality is the key feature behind our designs. Me Blades’s Knives are real hunting tools, gorgeous collectibles, and their feel boldly speaks for itself. The combination of these attributes highlights the rigorous standards that we have set for ourselves. We don’t sell what doesn’t satisfies us. This doesn’t stop here; customer feedback is a constant source of quality improvement and evolution of our designs.
Based in Texas, and testified by Texans, Me Blades is establishing its nationwide presence. The fine quality of our knives doesn’t rip your pockets off. “Affordability without compromise," has been a great challenge that our company has met with passion and commitment.
Our manufacturing facility is based in Pakistan where all processes of knife manufacturing are performed in house under the sole discretion of Me Blades Inc. We do not procure any third party merchandize.
Finally, not mentioning the craftsmanship of Pakistani artisans would be partial on our behalf. These are the guys that actually transform metal into semi-custom knives. Equipped with requisite tools and machinery, each technician is skilled in a certain trade of knife manufacturing. As a result, this unique combination of technology and craftsmanship has made it possible for us to offer you the best knife experience at rational, reasonable prices. Kindly visit Gallery for a detail factory tour.