Damascus Steel

Me Blades has worked with AISI 1075 and AISI 1095 in the past. We are always looking after new ways to be innovative.
Our Damascus Blend:
Our Damascus steel is forged out of the steel sheets of grade AISI 5160 and AISI 4340.
AISI 5160 is a high carbon spring steel that contains around 0.60% carbon. It is widely used to produce various types of automotive leaf springs and cutting tools.
AISI 4340 is a low carbon and high nickel steel alloy. It contains 1.65% – 2% Nickel, 0.7% - 0.9% Chromium and 0.3% to 0.4% Carbon.
Number of Layers
Initially a stack of AISI 5160 & AISI 4340 is formed. The stack is then heated and hammer forged. The heating and beating process is repeated 5 times to get 224 layers of high-quality Damascus steel.
Heat Treatment  
Each blade is carefully heated to 1550 degree Fahrenheit, where after; it is oil quenched and tempered to achieve hardness above 56 on rock well scale.
Forging Process 
We use Hard Coke Forge and Pneumatic Power Hammer to forge Damascus Steel. We have a dedicated team of highly skilled and trained  individuals that only forge Damascus steel on every day of duty. If you interested to see the forging process in detail kindly visit
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On special request we can customize the Damascus blend within following grades of alloy steel
High Carbon Steels
AISI 1075
AISI 1084
AISI 1095
AISI 5160
GB 65 Mn
ASTM 51200 or EN31
High Nickle Steels
AISI 4340
15n20 (Subject to availability in Pakistan)
L6 Tool Steel (Subject to availability in Pakistan)
Note: We have only a few dealers in Pakistan who supply these grades of steel. Sometimes these grades of steel are available and sometime not. We can directly import them but that requires a substantial quantity of order.
Besides Damascus blend we can also customize the number of layers in the range from a minimum of two layers to some hundred thousand layers. Moreover, we sell most of our merchandize in twisted pattern but can manufacture and supply various other pattern like rain drop, fire storm, ladder, basket wave, feather etc. for more details kindly scroll through images below: