Dealer Agreement

MeBlades.COM is a registered domain of Mumtaz Engineering. Throughout this document the use of MeBlades.COM implies equal responsibility of Mumtaz Engineering in all business and legal matters. The term "product" implies knives and any future merchandise that MeBlades.COM sell and dealer agree to represent and sell.
Signing by "Accepting" this documeent you acknowledge to be a dealer of MeBlades.COM, and agreed to following terms:
The dealer agrees to represent Me Blades and fully understands that Me Blades knives are manufactured in Pakistan. Mumtaz Engineering is an independent knife company, based and operating Pakistan. The dealer shall not misrepresent or miscommunicate Me Blades’s mode of operations or any such aspect associated with its identity.
The purchase, use, and ownership of knives are subject to a wide range of local laws and regulations. It is the responsibility of the dealer to investigate and comply with the laws and regulations that apply in their specific area. The dealer, and not MeBlades.COM, is solely responsible for any claims resulting from violation of those laws and/or regulations resulting from the dealer’s unawareness and/or noncompliance.
Any literature provided to the dealer for dealer’s or end customer’s education is a property of MeBlades.COM. The dealer will use such literature for the awareness, promotion and sales of MeBlades.COM products only and will not associate knives or products of any other company/brand to such literature or the benefit born out of its display/usage.
The dealer shall not indulge in any such activity that may cause a conflict of interest with an existing dealer of MeBlades.COM.
The venues and territories of sales under the dealer’s jurisdiction, where the dealer will indulge in the representation of MeBlades.COM brand or its products, shall be agreed upon between MeBlades.COM and the dealer prior to any sales or sales related activities.
MeBlades.COM assures utmost responsibility in honoring manufacturing warranty that includes replacement of faulty products or refunding of product cost (excluding shipment) paid by the buyer. However, MeBlades.COM reserves the right to determine and terminate warranty terms.
Charging end customers above or below the Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price is not encouraged by MeBlades.COM. Any complaints filed by customers against the dealer indulging in such activity will bind the dealer to resulting inquiry and the decisions taken by MeBlades.COM born out of such inquiry.
Dealers assume the responsibility of maintaining safety of themselves and of the people they deal with, with regards to MeBlades.COM products. Any injury or hazard born out of dealer’s carelessness and/or oversight shall not bind MeBlades.COM, in any way, for any trial or compensation in any form.
It is the dealer’s responsibility to maintain and update their MeBlades.COM account information. The dealer consents to MeBlades.COM display of their name/business name, address, email, and phone number on Me Blades website for business and customer awareness purposes.
The dealer agrees to indemnify and hold harmless MeBlades.COM from any and all claims, demands or actions resulting from violations of or broken covenants of this agreement by said dealer.
MeBlades.COM is offering you (the signatory) this contract in sincere hopes of a productive business relationship. MeBlades.COM assesses dealer business transactions and performance on quarterly basis and has the right to terminate this contract.